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Walking the Streets of Qatar at Night: Safety Considerations

Qatar is generally considered a safe country for tourists to visit, including at night. The crime rate in Qatar is fairly low, and the government has taken way to ensure the safety of tourists and residents likewise. The main areas where visitors will
be staying, similar as the hotels, and touristic areas similar as The Pearl Qatar or West Bay, are well lit and patrolled by security.  

However, as with any trip, it’s always a good idea to be apprehensive of your surroundings, especially
when walking at night in strange areas. You should also be aware of the dress law in Qatar and dress modestly, especially when visiting religious spots or further conservative areas of the megacity. 
Still, you can always ask the hostel’s event for guidance and recommendations. for safe routes for walking and also you can contact the original authorities for any safety issues, If you have any concerns.   It’s always good to be cautious, but in
general, Qatar is considered a safe country for travelers to visit and walk around at night.

Many visitors only travel to Qatar for the experience of visiting such a wealthy, developed nation, where
shopping may become an entirely new adventure, as well as for the simple pleasure of taking in the futuristic skyscrapers and other modern architectural marvels.

Tourists are drawn to other things as well, though. All visitors will find its huge deserts and dunes, with their breathtaking views, to be a wonderful draw for leisurely safaris.

The main portion of Qatar’s sand desert is southwest of the capital, providing individuals who aren’t
interested in safaris with a beautiful view of this nation’s landscapes, which are primarily made up of desert beauty that changes constantly depending on the time of day and light conditions.

Qatar is a relatively safe country in terms of crime. Being ranked as the 131st least dangerous country
suggests that traveling there is not particularly dangerous.

That conclusion is true in general. You should also be aware that the US Embassy has granted Qatar a Level
One Advisory, meaning that travelers should exercise the normal caution when visiting the country.


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Crime in Qatar

Like when traveling anywhere in the globe, thieves frequently commit petty theft and other crimes
in tourist-heavy places. Pickpocketing and bag snatching are likely to happen more frequently in locations with high levels of activity.

Fraud is one of the main issues that are associated with pickpocketing and bag snatching.

Over the years, there have been several instances of people having their debit and credit cards stolen and
becoming the victims of fraud due to a string of illegal payments.

It might be challenging to remain in charge of your finances and find yourself without acceptable forms of
identification while traveling to a foreign nation. You must contact or go to a nearby embassy for more assistance if you find yourself in a situation like this.

When visiting Qatar, one of the most important guidelines to go by is to avoid going out alone at night.
The general perception among people who have lived in the Middle East is that Qatar is one of the most peaceful options, with less crime and criminal activities than some of its neighbors.

Locals advise staying away from the Old Industrial, Msheireb, and Doha Jadeed areas in Doha.

While a person will probably feel completely safe while walking through these neighborhoods during
the day, doing so at night can be riskier, therefore adopting the necessary safety measures is essential.

Fraud in Qatar

Fraud is a significant problem for tourists in Qatar, where it may be a double-edged crime. To begin
with, there isn’t much compassion shown toward such a crime in Qatar. Although it does happen, it is less frequently than in other nations.

The primary reason for this level is the sanctions put in place for individuals who commit crimes. However,
if you become a victim of fraud, you should be aware that not being able to pay
your bills—such as hotel bills—will be considered fraud on your part.

Therefore, even if you are
a victim yourself, the government also recognizes that individuals who have not received compensation as a result of the crime are victims, but on your behalf.

Sexual Assault

There is an issue that makes reporting crimes against women a significant challenge in Qatar. With a
much different culture than what Westerners are used to, you will find that many things are not allowed and that you can face legal ramifications as a result.

Some of these concerns include:

  • Ø  No public displays of affection between members of the opposite sex.

    Ø  Same-sex relationships are illegal and can be punished with jail time.

    Ø  Having sex outside of marriage is illicit and legal punishment can occur if the relationship is disclosed. 

    Ø  Qatar’s dress code requires women to have their shoulders and knees covered at a minimum. Men should not wear shorts or sleeveless shirts in public. Specific venues may have their own dress codes, so
    you must check before entering.

    Ø  Specific hand gestures and body movements can
    bring about imprisonment or fines. It would be best if you never gave a thumbs-up sign or crossed your legs in Qatar, as it portrays derogatory meaning in the country.

    Ø  Unmarried men and women are not allowed to touch, and shaking hands should be done by following the male’s lead.

    Ø  Certain emotions are prohibited from being expressed in public.

    Ø  Taking pictures of women or military displays is not allowed.

    Ø  You can not use or bring into the country any illegal drugs.


Although weather is not a security issue, one should be aware of Qatar’s harsh weather. Special precautions about dust storms and haze must be considered in addition to the high temperatures.

The weather in Qatar can reach triple digits for the most of the year, which is the first thing to keep
in mind. The temperature routinely rises above 120 degrees during the summer.

The temperature will drop slightly from November through February, although it will still hover between
70 and 80 degrees. On rare occasions, the nation will undergo a drastic change and enter a period of winter with temperatures around 50 degrees.

The weather is arid, albeit it rarely rains as predicted. As a result, sand and dust are frequently visible
in the air.

To preserve your health and safety during these times, it’s essential to wear the appropriate facial
protection. The high levels of air pollution that Qatar endures are the cause of the haze that you may frequently see outside your windows.

sunset over the city. Sequential street lights. The city of Medina

 Things to Consider

  • Ø  There are a few essential pieces of information you must pack and prepare for if you are thinking of visiting Qatar. You must be ready for them because many of these deviate greatly from Westernized culture.

    Ø  Bring clothes that are appropriate for the local dress code.

    Ø  Plan for sandstorms and low air quality.

    Ø  Always go on trips with other people.

    Ø  Avoid undesirable neighborhoods, and don’t go out at night.

    Ø  Read up on all etiquette, including the proper way to greet someone in Qatar.

    Ø  Do not show affection in front of others.

    Ø  While visiting Qatar, refrain from posting unfavorable assessments of your accommodation, restaurant, the nation, or the Qatari government online.

    Ø  Only use your right hand to accept food.

    Ø  Protect your possessions when you’re in densely trafficked regions.

    Ø  To prevent heat stroke, prepare for the heat and drink plenty of water.

    Ø  Inquire at your hotel’s front desk for advice on where to go and where not to go in the nation.

    Ø  Have emergency numbers for the embassy on hand at all times.

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