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You should not list, or add any booking/subscription services that are restricted, unlawful, or prohibited by a federal government, state government or any local law in any country or jurisdiction on KHALEEJBOOKING.COM

KHALEEJBOOKING.COM does not permit/allow any booking/subscription services that are unlawful, illegal or infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others, or may easily be used for illegal purposes.

You should not list any booking/subscription services to which you don’t have legal permission under your Commercial license and Commercial activities.

You should maintain the validity of your Commercial License, Trade License, and other legal permission licenses and Khaleejbooking.com has the right to restrict or delete your account if you have not provided valid legal documents.

As a member of KHALEEJBOOKING.COM, you are responsible for ensuring that the booking/subscription services you have listed under Khaleejbooking.com are legal or permissible in Qatar. Therefore, you have to make sure before Listing any type of services that your booking/subscription services are NOT against the ‘Service Listing Policy’.

Khaleejbooking.com reserves the right to remove any booking/subscription services that violate our ‘Service Listing Policy’ without further notice. Khaleejbooking.com also reserves the right to deactivate/delete the accounts of any members who violate the ‘Service Listing Policy’ after having been warned or without warning.

The following is some of the listings of Booking/subscription services & other relevant services that are not allowed/prohibited on khaleejbooking.com

Adult subscription services or chatting services

To rent a car Which is not permitted as per the law of Qatar such as personal car, company car rather than rent a car, car rental without full insurance and valid Road Permit and so on.

Any kind of booking/subscription services which is not allowed/permitted legally to your company.

Selling Products/Softwares

any kind of Financial Trading and services.

Counterfeit currency and stamps

Government Services

Job Advertisements

any kind of advertisements

To post any kind of Pictures, Videos or Contents that is not permitted legally and against Islamic Sharia

To Posts religious persecution, promoting hatred and racism

Booking/Subscription services which is showcasing nudity Images or Videos.

Unauthorized Copies of Intellectual Services/properties

Booking/Subscription Availability

It is the sole responsibility of service/listing providers to manage all their service availability.

the Service/Listing providers should maintain all the time the availability of their service and once not available, the Service/Listing providers should change the status of their listing booking/subscription as unavailable.

if the clients make a payment of booking/subscription service and the service is not available after booking, the Service/listing providers will refund full payment and any bank charges will be borne by the service/listing providers.

Reschedule, Refunds & Cancellation Policy for Services

Khaleej Booking offers their Clients to request a refund for their booking/subscription service from KHALEEKHBOOKING.COM and all our Listing service providers should read and agreed to the refund policy as linked below.

“Reschedule, Refund and Cancellation Service Policy”


The above Listing Policy should not be considered as unchangeable and shall be updated continuously without notice

By Listing your booking/subscription services, you agreed to the other following Policies and should be read and agreed upon before you proceed to list any Booking/Subscription services.

Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you may need further understanding for listing your booking/subscription services on khaleejbooking.com, please contact us at info@khaleejbooking.com

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