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Tour is a break in which someone travels to many places for. There are different types of tours; some by car, some by air, others by ship.

Some different tours:

  1. Cruise tours

Cruises have been a form of vacation since the former times and continue to gain more and more popularity. A humungous ship is set with a five-star restaurant built inside. It is basically a hotel inside a ship. Customers can enjoy the relaxation of the water, pairing it with a lavish life inside. There is already a whole staff there at your service including a captain who drives the ship.

In addition to the calm, the sun sparkling on the water during the day and the moon at night give an aesthetically pleasing environment. You will be enchanted by the charisma of overwhelming sunsets. Away from the polluted cities, you can enjoy a beautiful starry sky and breathe fresh, clean air. These trips are usually popular in the Gulf countries, which are located on the coastline.

Cruise tours
Desert safari
  1. Desert safari

A desert safari is when you can ride a safari jeep over huge sand-dunes. It is no doubt an adventure. Among the trail is a campsite where you stay for a specific amount of time. You are going to enjoy a pure desert experience at your stay for less than a day; by camel-riding and entertaining activities that are exclusive to arid, hot areas only. When the sun sets and it’s dark, you are going to have clear skies to trace your favorite constellations; therefore, it is a must place to go to for a stargazer.

Desert safari
  1. Helicopter ride

These types of tours are most common at annual festivals when the city lights are gleaming and the whole ambiance is signified. The city’s aerial view is something breathtaking when looked at from a height. In Doha, you would get to lay your eyes on The Zig Zag Towers, See Land Mark, Doha Corniche, Alkotaifa Lake, lively city center, Katara, etc. The flight is usually short, no longer than half an hour.

Helicopter ride
Doha city tour
  1. Doha city tour

Doha is a diverse city. It has two extreme sides, one is the modern and conventional ambiance and the other is old and antique. With the extremely long skyscrapers and some modern wonders put aside, this place is also renowned for its retail markets.

Middle Eastern, Indian and Western cuisines, are available here. The tour starts directly from the airport.

Doha city tour
  1. Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon trips are common at sunrises when the horizon is filled with a gradient of pink, orange, yellow, and blue colors. There is space for people to sit, in form of a 5 faced- cuboid; a balloon that is made from a dense material is inflatable. A bit higher up from the seat, the stove is located, its flame may be adjusted according to the requirement. It helps the balloon inflate with varying sizes. If you want the ride to go higher, you turn the flame higher and vice versa.

These rides are enjoyable and one pro for them is that younger children (accompanied by adults) may also enjoy these as long as they do not have medical issues. Additionally, you get to enjoy a 360- degree panoramic view.

Hot air balloon
Jet ski adventure
  1. Jet ski adventure

Distinct companies, private ones, have organized jet skiing for tourists. You would find different rates being charged, however with not much difference.

A jet ski operates in the water, has a very fast speed, and available at almost every lake, ocean, or river place. Only adults who can manage to drive at such a high velocity may be eligible for this activity. It is mostly performed during the day, on a bright weather.

Jet ski adventure
  1. Sea tour

The sear tour is very vast and diverse since exploring the whole coastline is a part of it. You get to visit the desert which is just along the beautiful shore. Camel rides are very popular in the desert. The beaches and dunes offer a variety of eatables to choose from.

People tend to bring their snowboard with them and use them in a very creative way by boarding over the huge piles of dunes.

Sea tour
Visitors most often come from all around the world to catch a glimpse of the Golden Hour and appreciate nature’s beautiful spectacle. The sun is about to set and the sun’s light golden rays on the sea display a beautiful slow motioned dance. Pair it with the cool sea breeze, this is therapy in itself. There is nothing more relaxing than this scenery.
  1. Shopping tour

Qatar is especially famous for its luxurious and lavish goods. If you have ever been to Doha, you know how precious the souvenirs are there.

Shopping tours typically begin from shopping malls where you can buy various items such as decoration pieces. These are some of the prestigious malls of Doha/Qatar:

Villaggio shopping
  • Villaggio
  • City Centre Mall
  • Lagoona Mall
  • Tawar Mall
  • Mirqab Mall
  • Dar al Salam Mall
  • Gulf Mall
  • The Gate Mall Doha
  • Ezdan Mall
  • Alzham Mall
Your private tour managers will make sure that you have an experience of true the Middle East through its hotels.

Gold Souq is one of the places located in Doha where visitors spend almost a whole day because of this charm. It sells antique pieces of souvenirs; which include gold and silver jewelry, precious stones, and other adornments. These are treasured by customers and since they are not so pricey, they are bought in a large amount. Others are very expensive, made from real gold, silver, or platinum; such bridal jewelry sets are bought only by wealthy people. They are available mostly with a hint of old Arabic or Indian design.

This place can be trusted since the jeweled pieces are measured and weighed when the person buys them, in front of their eyes, guaranteeing the authenticity of metal or stone.

Souq Waqif is also one of the tourist attractions in Doha similar to the previous one. Visitors are entertained by placing owls, falcons, and eagles on their arms and taking pictures like that with them. Artifacts, antiques, and handicrafts of all sorts are bought from this place. From retail shops, women are most often interested in buying rugs with vivid colored embroidery, bedsheets, cloth, small furniture, and glass decorations.

This place has a knack for musical instruments. Stringed or non-stringed, you ask for it and hustle a bit to find it and they have it, that too at a reasonable price. Flutes, sitar, drums, tabla, oud, etc., and instruments from all over the world are gathered in just one place.

  1. Kayaking tour

A kayaking tour includes a narrow, small boat that has a deck too, used for long marine journeys. It is suitable for lakes, oceans, and other such water bodies. The boats may have space to accommodate one to three riders along with food reserves.

The boat is paddled by the paddlers. This tour is common in countries located near the shoreline.

Kayaking tour
Museum of Islamic art
  1. Museum of Islamic art

This is one of the other visitor attractions concerning Islamic culture, history, and art. It organizes special sessions and orientations to educate children, tourists, families, and people in general about art and how it has evolved.

It consists of five different floors including two Education wings. Since it is closely associated with the education of students in Qatar, they work on projects and presentations concerning this specific architecture.

Your private tour managers will make sure that you have an experience of true the Middle East through its hotels.

Museum of Islamic art
It has a built-in library whose books concern Islamic art. It is one of the largest libraries in the region, holding academic significance too. Furthermore, you may download e-books and other content over the internet or the place’s own sources from a computer. There is a whole other category of children’s storybooks, regarding the subject.

This was the main essence of MIA; it includes various other aspects too though, such as café, music, souvenir shops, bazaar, the park, and courtyard.

  1. Katara cultural village

It is located between the Pearl and West Bay of Doha. It is rich in culture and attracts people because of its traditional significance. You have the magnificent chance to visit all the societies located nearby. They are as follows:

  • Qatar Fine Arts Society
  • Qatar Photographic Society
  • Theatre Society
  • Qatar Music Academy
  • Qatar Society for Engineers
  • Visual Arts Centre
  • Childhood Cultural Centre
The cultural village Katara in Doha, Qatar, by night

This place is also very famous for its cuisines; Persian, Indian, Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Armenian.

Make sure to visit Katara beach while you stay. A lot of fun activities await you there such as fishing, jet skiing, and surfing. Whichever Qatar- based tour or adventure you want to go to, we have that available. All you have to do is click here (khaleejbooking.com) and we will book you an appropriate, flexible way through.


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