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Car Rental in Qatar

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Car Rental in Qatar:

Car rental in Qatar or car hire are almost similar, but there is one main difference between car rental and car hire. When you hire a car, the company also provides a driver, but it offers you only a car in the case of a car rental company or agency, it gives you only a car, and you drive yourself. The driver is not available when you rent a car. A car rental company rents various automobiles ranging from small, simple to extensive and expensive cars for a specific period. Most car rental companies make their branches near the bus stand, railway stand, and airports. Nowadays, companies are also providing online reservations for the convenience of customers.

What is the procedure to rent a car from a car rental agency in Qatar?

There are two procedures to rent a car from the agency


In this procedure, a person goes to the company with all necessary documents and gets the car after satisfying the administration.


You can also get a car on rent by just providing online documents to the company in this type.  If you are interested in getting a luxurious modern car in Qatar, click on this link.

What are the requirements to rent a car in Qatar? 

The company doesn’t rent a car to those who are not eligible. There are specific criteria to get a car from any company in Qatar. Following are the essential requirements to get a car in Qatar.

  • Driving license from Qatar, if you are Qatar Resident or having a valid resident visa from Qatar.
  • Qatar Temp Driving License if you are having a business visa from Qatar
  • International driving permit if you are under tourism.
  • Original passport should asked for Tourism or business visitor to verify your identity.
  • Knowledge of traffic rules in Qatar.
  • Credit card as a guarantee to return the car or cheque Guarantee from Qatar Banks only.

qatar car

As there is a big sports event 2022 FIFA football world cup in Qatar, equipment requirements will increase in every field. There are very few public transports in Qatar because most people rely on rental cars, and many others have their vehicles for transport. So it is estimated that the demand for rental cars will be increased in the coming months. If you are also interested to see the world cup, you will have to rent a car. Here are some basic guidelines for the visitors.

Basic guidelines to rent a car in Qatar:

  1. Getting a car on rent in Qatar is not complex because most people depend on rental cars. So this easy for all to get a car on rent.
  2. You must have a Qatar driving license if you are resident in Qatar or having a residence Visa in Qatar.
  3. If you have an international driving license and come in Qatar with Business or Tourist Visa, you are eligible to rent a car. In this sense, you can drive the rental vehicle till your Visa is expired.
  4. If you are a visitor and have a driving license from your own country you, are not eligible to get the car on rent. But don’t worry, you can rent a car with driver (Car Hire) with extra charges.
  5. You must know the basic rules of driving Qatar like specific speed required and not using phone while driving. Always seat the belt while you driving the car to avoid Traffic violation fees.
  6. You can’t violate the traffic rules in Qatar as there is radar installed on the bank of the roads. Whenever you break the law, the radar will record this and you obliged to pay Traffic violation fees based on what type of Traffic Violations you made.
  7. There are many companies for car rental, but you have to choose the right one because it would help if you choose a trustable car rental company. There are many websites available to get the car on rent available for the convenience of people. One of these is given below.
    Khaleej booking is the best Booking Marketplace in Qatar on its kind, providing luxurious wide-ranged cars.
  8. When you are selecting the car, your selection depends on many factors. If you want to travel with your family, you need a big car, and if you’re going to travel at night, then SUVs is the best for this journey. Another important thing while selecting a vehicle, you are not bound to limited numbers. There is a wide range available for you. Likewise, if you are going the beaches or sandy drones you are highly advising to have 4×4 car.
  9. You are not eligible to drive if you are below 18 Years old.
  10. It is your prime duty to take some photos of the car you are going to rent. You should also check the car parts and functions thoroughly. This can prevent you from additional charges.

Top Best Cars Available at Car Rental in Qatar

1.Chevrolet Spark Features:

When it comes to the best feature of spark, its modern technology, and high performance are on the top. When you are traveling alone, you should rent. Though its size is small, it is available as a rental at a significantly lower price. Another significant advantage of spark is that it consumes a significantly less amount of petrol. Five people can sit easily. The interior of the car is so captivating and soothing. You want to sit and enjoy the cushion of the seats. USB portal is also available.

The safety of the passengers is the prime responsibility of the car rental. There is a dual airbag system for safety. There is also guidance for parking the car rear. There is also a large capacity for your luggage, and you can increase this by folding the back seat. If you are interested in renting this car for the oncoming FIFA world cup, then here is the link http://Khaleejbooking.com.

Chevrolet Spark Features

2. Peugeot 301:

Peugeot 301 is very famous for its multiple modern features.  Following are the incredible features you will find in the Peugeot 301.


  1. Anti-brake system
  2. Immobilizer
  3. Vehicle stability control
  4. Tire pressure monitoring display
  5. Break assist
  6. Rear camera.
  7. Auto door lock
  8. Vehicle control stability
  9. Parking sensor back and front
  10. Interior features
  11. Bluetooth
  12. Cruise control
  13. CD player
  14. Navigation system
  15. CD player
  16. AUX
  17. Radio
  18. MP3
  19. USB
  20. Automatic AC

Peugeot 301

3. Suzuki Ertiga:

There are many reasons why you should go to rent Suzuki. It feels energetic, and it is best for the long-distance journey. Because its structure is so compact that it quickly goes through the narrow streets and does not stagger in the corners, Suzuki’s best function is the space for your luggage.

If you travel with family, Suzuki Ertiga is best because it has three rows of seats and accommodates almost eight people. You can quickly enter to sit in these cushioned seats. Generally, the third row of seats is not good in other cars, but Suzuki heads level will be the same as that of people sitting in the 1st and 2nd row. If you want to travel through Suzuki in Qatar, this is the best website offering you.

Suzuki Ertiga
Ford Figo

4. Ford Figo:

Ford Figo is the new brand available in Qatar; it is made through modern technology and offers both interior and exterior a sophisticated view. It is made If high-efficiency petrol engine that is 1.6 L Ti VCT. There is also the auto transmission of the 7-speed Power Shift.  Steering is adjustable. You can easily change the position to shift the power. Seats are delightful with an adjustable headrest. If you are a music lover, Figo is best for you because you can connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

The exterior design is so enchanting that you cannot take your eyes off the car. It’s so prestigious and full of elegance. When you park the Figo, you are free of tension because the alarm will inform you if any mishap occurs. The best part of this is the electronic safety system.

Ford Figo

It breaks the individual wheel when you take off the road and get back to the road.  This prevents you from any risk of an accident. If you are interested in driving and taking the best experience, then click on this link http://Khaleejbooking.com.

5. Nissan Altima:

Altima’s design is so engrossing that it makes you think this is something new and unique. Its corner, lines, edges, middle part, roof all elements present a bewitching view. When you enjoy the technology, you think it is made for you because features are activated before entering. Nissan has the capability of 100% connectivity with your mobile phone.

Another best safety factor is the tracking system; as someone tracks, you will be informed. It is full of digital technology. USB portal is also placed. Everything is there to make your journey enjoyable. There is much more space in the interior, approximately 16 cubic feet. Here is the link for your convenience to take a car for rent at http://Khaleejbooking.com.

Nissan Altima - khaleej booking
Honda pilot:

6. Honda pilot:

The new model arrived has a nine-speed automatic transmission.  Following are the new technologies added to the 6-speed automatic transmission.

  1. Paddle shifters
  2. Dual-zone climate control
  3. Automatic stop-start system
  4. Black 20 inch wheels
  5. A foot-activated power tailgate
  6. Wireless charging

Honda pilot:

For luggage, there is enough space in the back. Music technology is also available. So we can say that Honda Pilot is the best of them all. The exterior view is just superb. Here is the link you can find to rent a car http://Khaleejbooking.com.


Finding a car for rent can be a hectic, stressful, and annoying task for you and that is the reason Khaleej booking provides best possible service for its users. If you want to get relief and comfort, then you should definitely visit our website. Our website makes all the work easy and convenient for you.

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