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The spa is ” Sanus Per Anum “, meaning health by or through using water. The spa is generally developed in which mineral-rich water is used to give beneficial baths that are considered very therapeutic and mind relaxing. Spa towns or spa resorts provide typically various kinds of health treatments which are called balneotherapy.

In ancient times, it was believed that hot mineral water could cure diseases of the body and mind. Nowadays, these practices are worldwide famous, especially in Japan, Europe, and Qatar. Day spas are also top-rated and provide many personal care treatments.

Types of spa:

1. Destination spa:

The destination spa is a resort centered on a spa such as a mineral spa. Many such curative spas were constructed adjacent to natural hot springs or mineral springs in early times. The spa had a very positive effect on health.

Destination spa
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2. Hotel resort spa:

Resort spas are that spas locate hotels or resorts for the special guests staying in that resort. Hotel spas are also available for the non-guests. Now it is considered that resort spas are most commonly used compared to destination spas.

Hotel resort spa 1 - khaleej booking

3. Medical spa:

In recent years, medical spas are most commonly used for both men and women. Medical spas are different from other spas because they are run by the Doctors like dermatologist or plastic surgeons. They provide the best care to the body and mind to treat body, mind, and skin diseases.

Medical spa
Cruise ship spa

4. Cruise ship spa:

Generally, a cruise ship spa provides the same services that the spa based on land provide, like body scrub, facial, and body massage. Many ship spas often offer a variety of massages.

Cruise ship spa

5. Airport spa:

The airport spa is located near the airport for the passengers for their mind and mind relaxation.

Airport spa

Ten best well-facilitated spas in Qatar:

1. Bliss spa in Doha:

Are you looking for the best spa located in Doha? Then I recommend you visit the Bliss spa in Doha. Because I have the best experience of visiting this place. In bliss spa, various services are provided, and there are colorful and modern settings of everything.

If you visit this spa, you will be treated with various services like waxing; massage treatment will get your nail painted, micro derma abrasion, and many other benefits. Bliss spa is available both for men and women. Other adjutant facilities are also provided like a well-equipped gym, swimming pool and a small park well-equipped gym, swimming pool and a small park where you can spend your most refreshing time. If you want to visit this spa, click on this link.                

2. The Westin Doha hotel Spa:

It is one of the most opulent spas you will see in Doha. It provides the best to the visitors in everything. The spa is like heaven and is a genuine kind of elegance. Weston Doha spa has ten rooms for a massage. Each of these is equipped with a well standard shower and a private place for changing; the best thing about this heavenly spa is that it has all facilitate to soothe your mind and body both.

It is heavenly and provides other additional facilities like Hammam, cold room, steam room, etc. Therapists are also available there for the care of every visitor. Therapists here fulfil the needs of your body and mind that you have lost during your hectic life routine. if you want to visit this spa, then book it now on thin website.

3. Sharq Village and Spa Resort:

 Another spa resort that catches visitors’ eyes surely, looking for the best spa offering massage in Doha. This spa provides various kinds of treatment facilities to visitors. It has well-furnished 23 treatment rooms and well-trained therapists of multiple types of treatments. This is the only spa where a good day can be spent with a full luxurious bath and soothing massage.

Several additional facilities are also provided in this spa, like a private place for ladies, sauna facilities, Hammams, and so much more. Beautiful girls are also there for the massage of visitors. What is the best part of this spa.? You will be provided here with all facilities that are present in a traditional Qatari village. For booking, click on this link.

4. Al Basra Boutique Hotel spa:

Another luxurious spa provided by the famous hotel in Qatar offers various kinds of treatments to visitors. The spa is renowned for its high-quality services that range from old Qatari treatments to new therapies.  Hot stone massages and the massages that relieve the stresses and anxiety are also provided. These massages are the mother of all.

5. Banana Island Resort Spa:

It is pretty often that people get bore of the low standard spas located in cities. So if you have a terrible experience of a previous visit to a spa, here is the best quality spa that is very famous for its setting and facilities.  The Banana Island Resort Spa is located near the city. It is just the distance of 15 minutes on a car from Doha city.

Talking about its wellness services of Banana Island Resort Spa offers excellent treatments that you can avail yourself of on your holiday. What is best in this spa?  Face and skincare treatments are also provided for better skin. If you are trying to visit this spa, click now on this link to book.

 6. Attractive Four Seasons Spa:

Whenever visitor wants to go to the spa, they want the best luxurious spa for themselves. This is the only spa that provides services in all four seasons for visitors. The spa itself offers a beautiful view from the front.  Like other spas, this also offers therapeutic massage and healing treatments.

7. Spa by Clarins:

Do you want to refresh your mind and body.? Is your mind so tired of your hectic work? Do you want to soothe your body and mind? To accomplish all these needs, you will have to visit Spa by Clarins that offers you the best treatment for the body and mind. If you have such problems, you should never miss the treatment opportunity that this lavish spa provides you.

8. Angsana spa:

It is one of the most expensive and enthralling spas in Qatar. The spa amenities attract visitors from all over Qatar. If you want to start your work with total energy and passion, you will have to visit to soothe your mind. Here you will find well-trained therapists that will make even better your experience to visit this spa.

9. Jaula Spa:

Are you a patient of heart disease.? Are you looking for a remedy for heart disease.? Do you have arthritis in your joint.? If you want to treat your conditions, you should sit at this spa once in life because this spa provides you with the opportunity to get your problem fixed here.                      

10. Remede spa:

If you want to get rid of daily routine life, you must visit the spa In at least once in 40 days to get your body and mind relaxed. Here you will find what your body needs, like other deluxe spas. This is also well equipped and offers everything you need in a spa bath and massage. The most important part of the Remedy Spa is its eye-catching art of everything in the spa and surrounding areas.

Why you need to go to the spa?

Is going to a spa is therapeutic? Does bathing in hot water of spa is good for health? Yes, bathing in a spa can heal your body and mind.

What are the benefits of taking a bath in a spa?

There are a lot of benefits to the spa. It can be good for the normal functioning of your heart, skin, joints, hair, and even mind. Following are the best health advantages you can avail of by visiting a spa near you.

1.     Cardiovascular Health:

According to many heart specialists, when you immerse your body in the tub of hot water up to the neck, water puts pressure on the lower body and hence on the blood vessels, which increases the body’s blood flow. In this sense, the heart starts working rapidly and can gain its normal function. So if you are a patient with heart disease, you must visit the spa once a week.

2. Better sleep:

Taking a bath in hot water causes an increase in the body temperature, which causes the relaxation of your muscles; hence sleep prevails. The condition becomes the same as your body feels after exercise; you want to sleep. So we can say easily that faking a bath in a spa can improve your sleep, and proper sleep is suitable for your normal brain functioning.

3. Relieves aches and pain:

Do you feel pain in your body at night after daily hectic routine work? Do you want to get rid of your body pain? It would help if you visited a good quality spa because water causes the slight mobility of your joint, so you can relieve your arthritis pain by taking a bath in the spa. It is also suitable for the integrity of bones.

  1. It causes a decrease in blood pressure:

If you have the problem of hypertension, you need to take a bath in a spa because it is identified that taking a bath in a spa increases the heart rate while blood pressure is decreased consequently, heart output is increased.

  1. Treat the diseases like obesity and diabetes:

Studies have shown that if a patient with diabetes takes a bath regularly in the spa, he may have his blood glucose level decreased a little bit. It also decreases the weight of the patients suffering from obesity.

6. Alleviate stress:

When you come to take a bath in a spa leaving all your hectic work, it is generally said that it alleviates your stress which you usually have on working days.

  1. Boost up your confidence and make your body free of dirt:

Hot water in the spa completely dissolves the dirt particle on your body and makes it 100% free of dirt, and your skin becomes moisturized, reflecting the natural color of the skin. As taking a bath refreshes your mind and body, both you feel happy and confident. Now you are all set to work with full passion.

  1. Reduce our anxiety:

When you are taking a bath in a spa, hormones like dopamine or serotonin level is increased in your body. These hormones play an essential role in mood elevation and reduction in someone’s anxiety.


In a nutshell, we can say that spas are very helpful in maintaining our physical and emotional health. We have discussed about a lot of advantages of spas so, we should try to visit them regularly as they are beneficial for us.

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