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In simple words, Fitness refers to being physically active and healthy. It involves muscular toughness, endurance, body flexibility, and cardiorespiratory health. Being fit is a crucial need for any human being since it directly or indirectly maintains every organ system; be it skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, or respiratory.

How to maintain fitness:

  • Exercise regularly:
  1. Regularly exercising and indulging in physical activities ensure bodily fitness. Exercising first thing in the morning daily, even for just an hour, will not only help you maintain a constant physical figure but will also help you remain active throughout the day.
  2. Squats help burn a lot of calories. Although a vigorous exercise, it increases the flexibility of your lower body and your strength.
  3. Push-ups are a great initiative for strengthening the upper body; though they test your endurance, they certainly prove to be beneficial for your abdominal muscles. Triceps, shoulders, arms are made stronger through this exercise.
  4. Burpees are very difficult and they test your patience on a new level, but remember, no pain no gain. They tend to make your cardiovascular functions healthier and work a number of muscles out. Your abdomen, arms, chest, shoulders, hips, and legs, all are exercised.

5. Pull-ups strengthen your back muscles and upper limbs, improve your ability to grip. Likewise, are the best workout to improve your physical and fitness level. A bit testing but they are a pass for your mental health too!

6. Planks define your muscles and are a great way to fix your posture. Your back pain will vanish after you make it a routine and your metabolic rate will significantly increase, burning more calories per minute.

7. Dumbbell rows tone your back and are healthy for your back muscles.

8. Flexor stretches improve your lower body’s flexibility, making you less prone to injuries. It notably increases your running speed since you can cover more distance in just one stride. People who suffer from lower back or knee pain will notice their pain go away once they stretch often.

9. Lifting your toes up for ten seconds and then placing them back on the ground, repeating this exercise will make your life span longer.

  • Stretch:

Stretching your muscles i.e. limbs, calves will improve your posture which decreases slouching and back pain. You would remain fit for the long run. You could surely say goodbye to back pain after a good stretch. Moreover, it reduces muscle soreness and makes your body more flexible. Some effective stretching exercises include the cobra pose, splits, cat and cow pose, downward dog, and hip flexor stretch. One pro for stretching is that it can be done at any time of the day, however, is preferred to be done right after you wake up.

  • Run/ Jog:

Now if you are an early bird who wakes up at dawn, running or jogging will save you your time and is cost-efficient. Running is a weight-bearing exercise. The physical benefits of running include burning of plenty calories and fat stores in your body; aiding in weight loss. Maintaining a suitable weight which is a very challenging task is made easier with just running. Strengthening the bones can be achieved easily through jogging. All you need are a pair of comfortable sneakers, an empty sidewalk, or a park and you’re good to go.

  • Cycling:

Cycling is an effective exercise that has more than one benefit. It is an all- in- one scheme which once put into work, will show you significant results. Cycling helps you remain fit by boosting your stamina. It reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart attack, and stroke. Furthermore, cycling being an enjoyable sport gives you all the more reason to practice it. It causes lesser strain and is easier to learn than most other exercises. The residents of Qatar are at an advantage

  • Gym:

If you could afford to go to the gym, treadmills and other gym equipment will help you build a robust body in a short amount of time. The squats, lunges, push-ups and other forms of training guided by an instructor will prove to be efficient.

  • Yoga:

While it has many emotional benefits, yoga’s ability to improve balance and flexibility is no less. Cardiac muscles remain healthy and it heals back pain. Yoga is more of a relaxing physical activity rather than those vigorous intense work-outs that we are used to.

  • Adequate Sleep:

What most people do not understand nowadays is that all the hustle is worth nothing if one does not get enough sleep. Every individual has a distinct optimum sleep requirement that needs to be fulfilled. Sleep allows tissues to recover and recharges the mind and body for the upcoming day. Not getting adequate rest may cause one to be lethargic during their active hours, disrupting the routine and workouts.

Adequate Sleep
Consume Balanced Nutritious Diet
  • Consume Balanced Nutritious Diet:

To fuel up energy for work-outs and to maintain constant stamina, you need a nutritious diet. You need to avoid consumption of sugary and unhealthy fast foods which contain VLDL (Very Low-Density Lipids). Fasting is a better initiative for someone who desires to lose weight; fasting twice a week does the job.

Consult the article ‘health’ for more insight on a balanced diet, over nutrition, and malnutrition.

Consume Balanced Nutritious Diet
  • Learn Martial Arts:

It would prove to be beneficial to learn a defensive skill while exercising. This is exactly why children must be taught Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and Karate.

Martial Arts
Stay Hydrated
  • Stay Hydrated:

Drinking water not only helps boost the human body’s metabolism so fats could burn more frequently but also suppresses your appetite. Drinking a glass of water in the morning before breakfast helps as it causes all the toxins to flush out of the body.

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It is important to note that getting the body in shape is a tough journey that requires you to stay motivated and consistent. Try not to over-work yourself, nor be lazy and skip days of work-out. Cut out on unhealthy snacks. Once you are fit, maintaining yourself that way requires struggle. Hence, stay motivated; ask your peers to help you or tag along on this journey.

Stay Hydrated
It is important to note that getting the body in shape is a tough journey that requires you to stay motivated and consistent. Try not to over-work yourself, nor be lazy and skip days of work-out. Cut out on unhealthy snacks. Once you are fit, maintaining yourself that way requires struggle. Hence, stay motivated; ask your peers to help you or tag along on this journey.

Advantages of staying fit:

  1. Living life while maintaining a fitness routine helps one manage time and utilize it efficiently. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t find yourself sitting around, doing anything, or just slacking off. It is a big no to the couch potato you once used to be.
  2. Staying fit helps people with depression, stress, and anxiety by boosting their mood. Physical activity stimulates the secretion of endorphins such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine which are chemicals that impact your mood.
  3. Weight-bearing exercises reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Hiking, running, aerobics, cycling, etc. aid in maintaining bone mass and structure, preventing bones from becoming weak and brittle. Your joints and muscles become stronger and more robust.
  4. Lowering the blood cholesterol levels, being physically fit reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases followed by a heart attack.
  5. A quality sleep is followed by an intense workout. It can help you relax and wear off any tiredness.
  6. It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by hydrolyzing fat stores in the stomach.
  7. It enhances the memory and thinking skills of an individual, preventing brain aging which leads to schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Staying motivated throughout the journey:

Once you decide to change something about yourself for the better, it can be a tough task putting it into work and there is a high chance that you deviate from your goal, be it due to laziness, lack of motivation, or physical burnouts.

  1. Whenever you feel sluggish, call a close family member or friend to persuade your lazy self, back to work.
  2. Keep in mind that at the end of the day you are human and each one of us has different ways to adapt to change. Just as you ensure not to be lazy, do not overwork yourself. Take one day a week to yourself and rest as much as you can.
  3. Reward yourself at the end of an intense workout. The reward could be as simple as your favorite healthy snack or seeing your close friend. Thus, you will have something to look forward to, keeping you motivated.
  4. Keep a journal to mark your daily progress. Make goals for yourself and hey, the satisfaction you get while check-marking the goal is beyond any other pleasure. It definitely helps you keep track.
  5. It is very challenging to avoid all the fast-food franchises around you but constantly reminds yourself of the fruitful outcomes of remaining fit.
  6. It is totally okay if you take a cheat day once a month and have your favorite fast food because at the end of the day we are humans and there is nothing wrong with taking a break.


Being fit is the best ever feeling you can get and not only this but you can spend your life happily and without any health issues which provides you an ease throughout the life. So, we should strive hard to get fitness and to maintain our fitness.

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