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Health means to be perfectly well mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. When you are healthy, you can live life to the fullest, without any worries.

How to be healthy:


To consume a healthy, nutritious diet means half the battle won.

  1. Fiber helps with digestion since it passes through the alimentary canal as it is. It helps prevent constipation. Food sources of fiber are lentils, grains, cereal, fruits, vegetables, rice, and whole meal bread.
  2. For adolescents, proteins are an essential requirement for growth. Kwashiorkor is prevented by the uses of a protein-rich diet which includes lentils, peas, milk, eggs, meat, and fish.
  3. Vitamins can be consumed as supplements or vitamin-rich meals. Vitamin C and D are the primary ones required; whose sources are green vegetables, citrus fruits, and cod, egg yolk, milk respectively. Both of these protect one’s skin.
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4. Calcium is necessary for clotting of blood and proper functioning of muscles and bones. Osteomalacia, loss of blood, and rickets are prevented. Mineral sources include milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and spinach.

5. Iron is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin, an important constituent of blood. Deficiency may lead to anemia (breathlessness and tiredness). Iron is found in liver, red meat, bread, and green vegetables.

6. Fats are a must to remain warm in winters and are the second primary source of good energy. It is found in oils and dairy products.

7. Carbohydrates are the first primary source of energy and provide the most energy out of all other nutrients. It is important to note how not every sugar is healthy. The sources of carbs are sugar cane, milk, oatmeal, yam, and noodles.

** Take note that each individual requires different nutrients; some may require one in large amounts while others, in a minute. It is best to consult your nearest and most reliable nutritionist to prevent malnutrition and over-nutrition. Therefore, a balanced diet is an answer. It is the intake of only that many nutrients that are required by a unique individual’s body. Consult the food pyramid.



  1. Working out once a day prevents heart diseases in the long run.
  2. Yoga exercises are not vigorous but rather calming and peaceful. They help a person relax, as well as exercise every muscle, bone, and joint.
  3. Refer to article ‘fitness’ for more insight on physical exercises.

Smoking and Drug Abuse:

Substance abuse is dangerous as it may lead to addiction in the long term. A person might not be able to function without the use of drugs. A common reason why drugs have been normalized nowadays is due to peer pressure. The so seeming ‘cool’ is regretted after it shows its effects. Another reason is depression and anxiety. People suffering from mental conditions, anger issues, and commitment issues are more prone to using narcotics. Ecstasy pills (MDMA) and Ketamine are examples of substances that release serotonin, dopamine to boost mood. The drawback is that one becomes frustrated and irritated when not provided with doses. Strokes, seizures, brain hemorrhages, and lung diseases are more common in addicts. Emphysema can develop into terminal lung cancers. 

Smoking and Drug Abuse

Addicts are often disowned by families and suffer financially. Smoking cigars is equally dangerous as they cause mouth and throat cancers. It is important to not resort to substance abuse and rather, reach out to professional help. Do not use drugs without a prescription from a doctor to remain healthy.

Mental and Emotional

Mental and Emotional:

  1. Regular check-ups from the therapist are beneficial. Never ignore symptoms of mental illnesses; some common ones include anxiety and depression.
  2. If any suicidal thought occurs to you, please reach out for help.
  3. Talk to peers that you trust; communication is the key.
  4. Click here for assistance if you are struggling with mental health. This is the national helpline.
  5. Cupping therapy is a type of massage which involves the use of round cups placed on your skin. It helps reduce pain and inflammation, relaxes and massages the tissues.
Mental and Emotional

Adequate Sleep:

  1. Sleep would not only recharge your mind and your body but would help you function better during other activities. It is proven that sleep releases many endorphins which help the human body function better. The immune system becomes stronger. Likewise, human growth hormone is released in a satisfactory amount, which causes the body to grow and repair itself.
  2. It is believed that taking a break in the afternoon for a power- nap boosts your mood, relieves stress, improves activity, and improves your memory and brain function.
Adequate Sleep
Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated

  1. Drinking water keeps skin smooth and healthy.
  2. It boosts brain function. Being dehydrated causes migraines, fatigue, anxiety, and lack of concentration.
  3. Drinking a glass of water right after you wake up flushes all the toxins out of your body and helps the digestive tract function better.
  4. Risk of heart diseases is significantly decreased when you drink enough water.
  5. It helps lose weight by decreasing appetite as water fills your stomach in place of food.
Stay Hydrated


Dental health is very crucial. Any damage done to teeth is reversible but a very length, demanding process.

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day; before going to bed and right after you wake up, to prevent the bacteria to feed on food particles stuck in between teeth.
  2. Flossing teeth is helpful since it cleans teeth below the gums.
  3. Antiseptic mouthwashes aid in killing harmful bacteria that produces acid while it feeds on left-over food particles.
  4. Consuming vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus-rich foods makes your enamel stronger.
  5. Fluoride-rich toothpaste hardens the enamel, causing it to become less sensitive to acid.
  6. Consume less sugary snacks to prevent plaque and tartar building up on your teeth.
  7. The best way to take care of your teeth is a regular check-up by a professional dentist. Book your dentist appointments at home on our official site by clicking here.
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Surgical Beauty:

Surgery for cosmetic purposes comes with its pros and cons, hence, it is better to consult an expert before approaching it.

Liposuction is the process of the removal of fat. It is a form of artificial plastic surgery which is used to overcome obesity. The negatives of this process are that if a healthy routine is not maintained, such as the one mentioned above, the fat is going to appear again. However, it is a safe procedure that can be relied on for faster results.

Face surgeries include eyebrow lifting and facelifts which give the person a younger appearance than their actual age.

Medical spa

Rhinoplasty is a procedure to reshape the nose and make it thinner or longer according to the customer’s instructions. Otoplasty enhances the ear’s position. Lip fillers are used to enlarge the limps and make them plumper.

Laser Hair Removal is a permanent hair removal source on different parts of the body. Though lighter skin-toned customers are more suited for this procedure, everyone can avail themselves of this opportunity to get rid of hair permanently. Refer to a dermatologist before you book an appointment.

Hair transplant involves hair regrowth and fixing receding hairline.

**It is important to note that choosing a surgeon for artificial cosmetology is complicated and hence, you must remain patient and find the best one.

Check out our website to help you book surgical appointments. Click here.


  1. There is a strict diet plan to maintain good eyesight. Consume green leafy vegetables such as spinach. Fish which is oily and especially is skin is a really good initiative. Furthermore, Vitamin C-rich citrus fruits; lemon, and oranges are easily available at any supermarket. Avoid red meat but an intake of proteins such as beans and eggs will prove to be successful.
  2. To shade your eyes from the sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) rays, always wear sunglasses on a bright day.
  3. Do not stare at the computer screen or phone for too long. A trick to it is to look at the keyboard while typing rather than the computer screen. This would avoid eye strain. Additionally, look away from the screen after every ten minutes and use anti-glare prescription glasses.

4. Visit your doctor for eye check-ups frequently so that if there is a need for protective eye gear, they would recommend it to you.

5. Cataracts are more common in people who smoke. If you are addicted to smoking nicotine, please consult a physician or a doctor.

6. Use eye drops occasionally if your eyes feel dry, however, consult an eye specialist before doing so.


Being physically healthy not only makes you feel better about yourself but also helps you be more active in your daily routine. You would feel less lethargic and more productive in whatever you do. Another benefit of being healthy is that migraines and other such minor inconveniences are avoided by intake of a healthy diet, aiding creativity. Your sleep patterns tend to improve after working out and you get more comfortable rest. Never compromise being healthy since it is the primary base that impacts other circles of life. Your emotional life improves to a great extent. Being healthy naturally makes your life span longer.

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