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SUZUKI DZIRE 2022 MODEL-Currently not available

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ر.ق1,600.00 30 days

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Documents Required:


Advance 01 month payment

Security Check 



 All our vehicles are comprehensively insured, so you will be always comfortable / safe with your driving. Our service is available when you need in case or road side emergency. Deductible amount in the event of each blameworthy or hit and run incident is 1000/-QR provided complete police report submitted with the claim. This QR 1000 as per the Insurance Company and if insurance company changes this amount within the agreement period, renter is liable to pay new revised amount. In case if insurance bears a percentage of spare parts cost, the renter is liable for the rest.

Failure to produce Police report will result the renter having to bear the costs of repairs to the vehicle. The renter will be responsible to pay the hire charges for the period of which the vehicle is in for repairs related to the accident. Additionally, the lessee will also be responsible to pay hire charges for the replacement, which will be considered as continuation of the original agreement.

Accidents of any kind occurring in the Sand Dunes or off-road involving our vehicle will not be covered by insurance as well as driving through the flood and the beach. Likewise, insurance coverage is not applicable to the leased vehicle if the Lessee had committed the accident while he was in a state of other than his natural state, by reason of drinking alcohol, or taking drugs or substances of effecting his consciousness

or thinking. The insurance does not cover loss, theft or damage of tiers, wheel rims, wheel caps & antennae (unless mentioned in the police report in case of an accident).

Maximum use of mileage for 01 month must be 5000 km. Otherwise, Additional 01/-QR per 1km.

Traffic Violations

The renter is liable for all
the expenses arising through traffic offences including speeding fine incurred by
leased vehicle. Payments must be made immediately before 15days. It is
the lessee’s responsibility to ensure that any driver of the car holds a valid Qatari
driving license.


  •       All new taxes, levies, VAT , Road permits or increase in existing taxes, levies, road
    permit, fuel cost by Government or any other competent authority after the date
    of submission of this quotation/ contract will be charge to the lessee as when they
    become payable.
  •       Any fee referred to this agreement is exclusive of VAT or any other similar tax which
    might be chargeable in connection with that fee. If any VAT or other similar tax
    is chargeable, it shall be paid by the Lessee at the same time as it pays the relevant
    fee on the receipt of a Valid VAT invoice (or equivalent).

Condition of Vehicle

The RENTER agrees to keep the rented vehicle in a clean and roadworthy condition. Any damage not reported or repaired through normal channels must be repaired at the termination of the lease at the renter’s cost. The lessee is not permitted to use the vehicle for racing; speed experiments or makes any modifications to the vehicle, whatsoever.

The owner reserves the right to inspect the leased vehicle at his own or the or the agency’s garage at the time of periodical service, to make sure that the vehicle is in good condition. If it is ascertained that any damage or defect is caused to the vehicle due to negligence or deliberate action, the cost of restoring the vehicle to its normal condition will be by the RENTER.

The RENTER is not allowed to drive the car in floods of heavy rains. Therefore, any malfunction or damage caused by floods of rains will be the responsible by the lessee.


§  Smoking
inside the vehicle will be charge 500/-QR. We maintain a non-smoking fleet, including a prohibition on the use of
e-cigarettes in the car. You will pay an additional charge if you return the car
and it smells or is soiled from smoke or e-cigarette vapor.

Car’s interior upon return Penalty

§  You will also pay a reasonable fee for cleaning the car’s interior upon
return if any stains, dirt, odor, or soiling attributable to your use cannot be
cleaned with our standard post-rental procedures as determined by us in our sole

Routine Checks

§   It is the responsibility of the renter to check the oil, water and fluid levels on a
regular basis. Cost of damage arising from negligence to check this will be invoiced
to the renter.

Driving License

§   It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that any driver of the vehicle abides by the
Qatari laws and regulations. The insurance companies will not entertain any claims
unless the person concerned presents a proper valid driving license.


The renter
is not allowed to drive while in the influence of alcohol or any similar substances.
It must ensure that any driver responsible of the vehicle abides by the Qatari
laws and regulations.

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SUZUKI DZIRE 2022 MODEL-Currently not available
SUZUKI DZIRE 2022 MODEL-Currently not available

ر.ق1,600.00 30 days

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