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Massage (Legs/Back)

Duration 30 Minutes
Group Size 1 Person
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A body massage involves working and applying pressure on the muscles of the body, on the skin surface by our professional massage therapist.

ر.ق100.00 30 minutes

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Head Massage:

A head massage is a deep style massage that focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. A head massage uses a variety of techniques to ease upper body tension and lessen stress. The stimulation of nearby nerves and blood vessels by massaging the scalp can help reduce head-regional muscle tension. A head massage can be calming and energizing at the same time. 

A head massage has many benefits. The benefits of a head
massage include:

  •  Decreased stress
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved-circulation
  • Relaxation muscle strain, and stress using head massage.

Leg Massage:

We stand all day thanks to our legs. Our calves will be pumping our blood upward as we walk more. On the other hand, the longer we sit, the less effective the pumping activity becomes. Our veins and the circulation in our legs and feet are also negatively impacted by this. So it is important to realize that if we are always on our feet, certain of our blood vessels may suffer damage.

There are some endless benefits of leg massage:

Improves blood circulation : Our excessively lethargic lifestyle greatly decreases blood flow and circulation in our legs. A simple leg massage keeps the movement in the muscles going and improves blood circulation.

Avoid lymph build up : The lymphatic framework is liable for disposing of toxins, squander and other undesirable materials from the body. Some times, specific circumstances make the lymph build and develop. Nor does this only influence the lymphatic framework’s capacity to eliminate squander, it also causes buildup in the arms and legs.

Prevents injuries : Leg massage is a great activity in itself as it helps prevent injuries. It increases our mobility, stretches muscle tissues and improves blood supply. The loosening of the muscles significantly decreases the probability that an injury may occur during a sports game or exercise.

Reduces stress : A leg massage reduces stress, decreases tension and helps control anxiety. A soothing leg massage can bring your heart rate below, relax tense muscles and release endorphins. These all calm nerves and help you relax and loosen up.

Specification: Massage (Legs/Back)

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Massage (Legs/Back)

ر.ق100.00 30 minutes

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