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Full body Massage in Qatar

Duration 45 Minutes
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full body Massage in Qatar for 1 Hour with Oil or Lotion Massage

ر.ق300.00 45 minutes

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Full body Massage in Qatar Process,

A full-body massage, as the name suggests, works every part of your body. This implies that in order to release tension and stress from every part of your body, your massage therapist will employ a variety of various movements, methods, and pressure levels.

While your massage therapist can customize your session to your needs, a full-body massage frequently includes the following:

1. Your head, comprising the occipital muscles, scalp, crown, and temples (at the back of your head)

2. Your neck, encompassing the trapezius and nape (a.k.a. The long muscles that run down the sides and connect to your back)

3. Your shoulder blades, collarbones, and upper back, as well as your shoulders, Your hands and arms and Upper and lower body.

What to anticipate during your full-body massage?

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how your full-body massage will proceed, from massage technique to what is and isn’t suitable behavior.

Prior to lying down on the massage table, Your Blys therapist will prepare in your preferred location before your massage starts (or the massage room will be prepared if you’re going into a parlor).

To assist you in relaxing and unwinding, they’ll have a massage table, clean towels and sheets, massage oil, and added touches (like candles, incense, or a diffuser).

You will be able to discuss any specific areas of concern, any injuries or niggles you’re working with, as well as any important muscle groups, with your therapist during your pre-massage consultation.

Specification: Full body Massage in Qatar

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Full body Massage in Qatar

ر.ق300.00 45 minutes

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